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You want more gigs, right?

So, what’s your current reputation as a speaker like?

What is your bio, your picture and your copy saying about you as a speaker?

Is it easy to understand EXACTLY what you speak about?

Is it easy to see EXACTLY the value you deliver to your audiences?

Because if it’s not, then you could be doing something to put that right.

The real question you need to be asking is this:

Is your overall marketing helping or hurting your chances of getting more or better speaking gigs?

Welcome to Your Personal Speaker Branding

This is the place where you can GET ALL YOUR MARKETING RIGHT – ending up with more of the gigs you want, and with more of them at the fees you’d really like and probably deserve.

Your Immediate Next Step

Send me a link to your website, speaker site or LinkedIn profile, and I’ll give you a seven point feedback report completely free of charge. This will enable you to judge EXACTLY WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE to prospective bookers, agents and event organisers. Or just pick up the phone and call me …

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