I write to share my thoughts. If you’d like to join with me in conversation, then I’d like that too. Thanks in advance.

I wrote ‘Blogs’ for years.

But my reason – then – was ‘for business’.

Time passes, and my needs, wants and desires have changed.

Indeed now, I hanker after very little.

And that word – hanker – is important. Because it suggests to me, a kind of ‘unfulfillment’: Something we want in the future that’s different from what we have ‘now’.

This could be labelled ‘motivation’, or ‘desire’, even ‘ambition’: nothing wrong with any of that.

But from now on, my intention is to write because I’m curious, interested and fascinated by many things. And a large part of my enjoyment in life comes from observation, listening, and exploring.

To me, People are utterly fascinating. For me, it’s a life study. The behaviours, the values, the weaknesses and the strengths that we all witness in others on a daily basis, are for me, a source of wonder, delight and sometimes disbelief. But all of that adds up to a rich blend of elements that can truly entertain, engage and give me ‘stuff to think about’ and maybe ‘act upon’.

There is no goal for my writing, pondering or conversation, other than to enjoy the process and perhaps make a tiny positive difference along the way.

If that sounds good to you, then welcome to this weird and maybe wonderful website, where I hope we get the chance to chat, exchange views and learn from each other.

And thanks.