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You want more gigs? We’ll get you more gigs!

But not before you’re sorted on Your Personal Branding!

We are NOT an agency, and NOT a bureau, where you could just sit on their books forever and get nothing!

We provide three levels of Pro-Active, Results-Focused┬áService ‘exclusively’ for Professional Speakers who are serious about their Career or Business Development.


Personal/Professional Management – career and business development – allowing you to concentrate on the thing you’re passionate about – SPEAKING! We’ll make the contacts, speak to those people who might be interested in you as a speaker, and build your speaking career by putting you on the right stages, in front of the right audiences.


Personal Branding, Marketing, PR, Promotion & Profile Building.

Our Unique Personal Branding & Career Development Programme gives you a powerful public persona, where people know WHO you are, WHAT you speak about, WHAT you stand for, and WHY they should book you.

We will also Run Your Marketing and Manage Your Reputation if you need that – which can include running your list communications to build and cement your relationships (based on your instructions), Copywriting, Webinars (marketing and running for you), Strategic List Building, Joint Venture Partner search, Bookings (talking with promoters, bookers), etc. where we will do as much of the work as you want, for you), and


Comprehensive Back-Office & VA services – including social media, phone calls, mailings, research, newsletters.

If you’re a Professional Speaker looking to spend 80% – 100% of your time doing what you love best – Speaking – and want to off-load the rest to a specialist speaker support service provider, then give us a call or email and let’s speak about it.

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