Speak to Sell: like Tony Robbins does

Tony Robbins’ success is down to one overiding factor: his ability to speak and sell – at the same time!

Whenever you open your mouth, stuff comes out – it’s a fact!

But is it the stuff of a master communicator or is it – as Alan Sugar so eloquently put it – ‘a danger to global warning: a lot of hot air’?

The truth is, that more than at any other time in human history, your opportunity to reach people through what you say and how you say it has never been greater.

If you want to say anything – just like I am now – you can find an audience, easily.

And if you make sure that audience is the one that you want to influence, you can influence them beyond your wildest dreams, which means getting them to become paying customers – ultimately.

And yet, I bet you are not even thinking about this skill as YOUR NUMBER ONE ROUTE to success in your business, personal and, indeed, your spiritual life!

Success in business is about Sales. Sales is the one thing without which YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS, and it’s the area that I used to be completely useless at!

My business partner used to laugh at me whenever I tried to sell and rightly so, I just didn’t understand that selling was about THE OTHER PERSON and not about me. I was so rubbish, when I look back I just cringe!

But what’s your feeling about the subject? Have you yet got the plot about the fact that you could be selling more, which means increasing your income so that you have more time for yourself, more time with the family, less stress every day.

Have you got the plot that if you can close the sale faster and not waste time meeting with people who really have no authority to spend, they aren’t decision makers, or they don’t have the budget, then you WILL BE MORE SUCCESSFUL, end of?

So, here’s my tip for this article: over the next week I want you to keep a diary of how much time you spend with people who are never going to buy from you. And when you’ve done that, I want you to imagine that you were going into the board room with Sir Alan to explain just how much time you had actually wasted!

Good luck. See you next time …

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  • But how do you know which people are not going to buy from you in the future when their needs change and your product or service becomes just what they are looking for? If they already have a casual relationship with you and they trust you then they will choose you

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