Why The Rockstar Approach™ to Your Elevator Pitch is Crucial!

Are you driving them wild?

Are you driving them wild?

Ask any great songwriter, from Michael Jackson to Adele, from Gary Barlow to Taylor Swift, how long you’ve got to get to YOUR HOOK into the song, and they’ll tell you – 60 Seconds – MAX!

The ‘Hook of the Song’ is the bit you remember, can’t get out of your mind and sing along to because it’s memorable and makes you feel great!

The ‘Hook of Any RockStar Business’ is the bit your prospects, customers and clients remember, can’t get out of their minds and talk about (rave about if you’re lucky) to other people because you are  memorable and make them feel great!

What better reason is there to approach your Sixty Second Elevator Pitch like a RockStar Business Owner?

There are other reasons, of course.

Like when you deliver a great performance, your fan base increases, you get talked about all the more and the word (of mouth) tends to spread!

Like when you become The Front-man, the Face of Your RockStar Business (Steve Jobs, Richard Branson spring to mind) and use your charisma and personality to charm the pants off your audience, they usually end up Lifelong Fans, buying not just Your Singles (one product or service), but All Your Albums (multiple purchases) too.

I could go on and talk about getting loads more Media coverage, being interviewed on high profile chat shows, getting invited to perform at the best venues and festivals, alongside your heroes and eventually rising to TOP THE BILL.

Celebrity brings with it all kinds of benefits, often getting you into places where only the elite are allowed in!

If you’re a Solopreneur or Speaker, if you are the Front-man, Front-lady, or the Face of Your Business, if you provide any kind of personal service in a specific market, make no mistake, you are already in Show Business, competing with others who are already gobsmackingly brilliant at putting on a Show and winning business as a result.

So How does Your Show look and sound right now? Are you already seducing your audience and winning lots of business as a result?

Truth is, whether you are Branson or Jagger, Trump or Lady Gaga, it’s the quality of your product that will ultimately determine sales! Awesome products like those of Apple or The Rolling Stones are the things that people flock to buy.

BUT, if no one hears about or sees your product, then NO ONE WILL BUY ANYTHING FROM YOU! So YOU NEED BOTH! Great Product + Great Promotion!

Which is exactly what Peter Grant gave Led Zeppelin.

Which is exactly what Brian Epstein gave the Beatles.

Which is exactly what Harvey Goldsmith gave Live Aid.

Which is exactly why having a Rock Star Business will make all the difference for you too!

So, here’s your homework:

Start studying how Show Business Works.

Pay attention to how people get noticed.

What are you doing that makes you stand out from everyone else in your market? What makes you and your offer unique?

Put it out there.

Stand UP! Stand OUT! Grab the Lime Light! 

Make Your Claim to Fame something that everyone will remember.

And when you done all that, release some more product and GET SOME MORE publicity.

And most of all, KEEP ON ROCKING!

Have fun with your business!

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  • vince stevesnon says:

    QJ, I like it. This approach is much more tangible and accessible. The analogy of the rock star promoters really works for me. Why don’t you ask Annik if you can do a gig at Pony Express, I’m sure they’re your audience. All the best with it. Regards Vince

    • QJinspiration says:

      THANKS massively, Vince. I need to know I’m on the right track. This has taken me about two years to arrive at! In front of my nose? I think so. Hopefully now people will get that this is the authentic me and that I mean well!

  • Andrew says:

    Great advice but now you’ve given me a big headache for tomorrow’s Maidstone BoB!!!

  • Steve Ryan says:

    Damn, forgot about the 60 seconds. Although I did a one and half hour pitch to a billionaire once and he gave me £300K to basically piss off and die lol Set-up a software publishing company with it though and sold it 5 years later for $5million.

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