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hookI’ve just been asked how you define a ‘hook’.

My answer is simple: it’s the thing that you walk down the street singing, it’s the tune you can’t get out of your head because it’s really catchy.

Now, I know this is metaphorical, and that’s because we all get ‘hooked’ in different ways by different things, and you might not see the link between a song hook and a business hook.

But if you’re in business, the first thing you want is for people to remember you or your business by a strong ‘title’ or ‘label’.

A great example I came across recently – I still can’t get this one out of my mind and that might not be the case for you – is, we had this lovely young lady on our radio show, and she’s known as “Bird on a Bike” – brilliant.

You’re not going to forget that in a hurry, are you?

At first, I had no idea what she did or what her name was – but that didn’t matter. The point is that she had managed to ‘hook’ me and I wasn’t about to forget her. Even after I met her, I couldn’t remember her name, but again that didn’t matter, because if I wanted to find out her name, I would ask someone. I asked my wife who reminded me that “Bird on a Bike” was Sarah Pringle.

But what does “Bird on a Bike” do? Again, because I was sufficiently interested to find out, I asked. She does personal training, fitness, health and all that malarky!! (My word). Anyway, bottom line is, IF you can come up with something that sticks like “Bird on a Bike” does, it’s got to be helpful in promoting you and/or your business.

Have an insane day. QJ.

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  • DeeAnn Lensen says:

    Excellent QJ! Yes indeed, the Hook, the Point of Difference, the Story are all crucial to getting business. Once you’ve got their attention with the Hook your Story is powerfully important. People are more interested in why you sell what you sell ( product or service) than what you sell initially.

    • QJinspiration says:

      DeeAnn, it still amazes me – and I know it shouldn’t – how many people simply don’t understand how significant your hook can be. In some cases, a great hook can BE the business. It can be the #1 reason that you attract ANY business at all. Why wouldn’t you invest a significant amount of time, energy and focus in your hook? Thank for the conversation. Have a great day.

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