Take Your Business Card & Shove it!

"Take my card ..."

“Take my card …”

I’ve just picked up a new client who found me on LinkedIn!

But what’s that got to do with my business card?

Here’s the story …

I just returned from a networking meeting with a handful of business cards.

Wahay, I’m doing what thousands of small biz guys around the country are doing right now: make those connections.

BIG DEAL! Right?

Well, Perhaps: Perhaps Not!

But for most people – I’m guessing – the meeting will become a vague memory very quickly and the time invested will be ‘down to experience’.

“Well, I’ve paid my sub (cost = about £50 per meeting) and I turned up. Let’s see what happens next”, is what most people say to themselves.

And good luck to them – genuinely.

But what if? Just suppose you were one of those people who wanted to CAPITALISE on your investment!

Are you perhaps one of those people who, when they invest in something – a pension, a savings plan, a business, a new idea – they do actually want to get a return?

Perhaps you are one of those people who don’t just WANT a return, you actually PLAN HOW YOU WILL GET A RETURN and WHAT THAT RETURN WILL LOOK LIKE!

If you’re like that, then it could just be that YOU WILL ACTUALLY GET A BETTER RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT than someone who ‘just turns up’. What do you think?

MAXIMISE the POTENTIAL for the Return on Your Investment

So, all I’m going to do today is give you my view on what makes a business card that MAXIMISES the POTENTIAL for the Return on Your Investment.

  1. It needs to have your name on it. Why? Because you are the face of the business you are representing. It’s as simple as that. People will remember you first, and what you do second.
  2. It needs to make it DEAD EASY for people to STAY CONNECTED with you. Many people think that relationships can’t be built off the back of a single face-to-face meeting. This is a complete MYTH, provided you pave the way to CONTINUING THE RELATIONSHIP, usually through virtual channels. You will attend meetings and meet some people once and NEVER see them again. Why would you not STAY CONNECTED WITH THEM when our whole internet-centred world enables us to do that easily, quickly and very effectively?
  3. Recognise that your view of the world is different from everybody else’s. What I mean by this is: don’t just assume that if someone wants to contact you, giving them your email address is going to be sufficient. There are people who ONLY communicate through Facebook! There are people for whom their main method of communication is texting.


  1. Every one of the business cards I was given has the person’s name on it. (This is not always the case).
  2. Every one of the business cards I was given has an email address on it. (Except that one was a @btconnect – creates the impression of ‘small’ but not in a good way).
  3. One business card DOES NOT HAVE A MOBILE NUMBER ON IT! (I don’t want the receptionist, I want the person!)

And yet, 50% of the people have a Facebook Page and between them are ‘Liked’ by, or are ‘Friends’ with 4,800 other people!!! 

This is just the tip of the ICEBERG that will sink many TITANIC businesses over the next few years.

So do you now get it ? Do you get that it’s the EASE with which people can connect with you that is the KEY to making not just more connections, but making the right connections: the ones that will be with your ideal customer: the one most likely to buy from you – IF THEY COULD JUST GET HOLD OF YOU – EASILY!

Don’t believe me! Then I wish you the very best of luck.

Thanks for reading.



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  • Nick Keily says:

    Hi QJ,
    I normally agree with your blog posts but think this time your comments are a bit off the mark. As a cleaning company director I don’t want a business card that is cluttered with Facebook, Twitter and Linked in URL’s. If people want to find you on these mediums then a simple search of your name should be enough for them to connect with you.

    Nick Keily

    • QJinspiration says:

      What a boring world it would be if we all agreed on everything! Thanks for your comment. I’m always really interested in alternative views. May I ask a question? Supposing people didn’t want to search for you or find you on these media and you didn’t have enough work, would your view then be any different? And if it wasn’t what would you be doing to try and get more work?

    • Jamie Morgan says:

      I would have been on Nicks side of the street on this, until this week we started to research firms via Facebook and Twitter, as opposed to traditional marketing.

      The facebook, twitter and LinkedIn can all now provide interesting background on the culture of a company before we choose to do business with them.

      Jamie Morgan
      ESI Electrical Safety Inspections

  • laurenceexigent says:

    Hi Qj,

    Stimulating as always. The issue of social media linking is a tricky one. A business card is a small piece of real estate so there is a danger of being too cluttered. My instinct is to use only 1. That being the most important.
    I would add another issue as a “grumpy old man” which is the use of muted colours and faint tiny tiny text which is OK if you have 20/20 vision but for people like me who need glasses it can be almost impossible to read without a magnifying glass!

    • QJinspiration says:

      Laurence, I agree with you: you definitely need 20/20 vision to read my business card! lol Looking at the biz cards in front of me, they ALL look cluttered. But aren’t we in danger of just doing what we’ve always done? It was like when we used to produce radio commercials for our clients, they would always (usually) insist on the phone number being included, and yet research showed conclusively that unless the number was REALLY EASY to remember – 0800 123 or was SUNG AS A JINGLE people would neither remember it nor use it. And maybe I’m not as concerned about the esthetic as most people might be, but I don’t really care what your card looks like, what I care about is does it give me the info I want. If it doesn’t then it’s useless to me, and I was brought up in that school where they said to make it dead easy for people to buy from you or they just call the next person on the list!

  • Interesting finding this when it’s a couple of years old. Can’t say I’ve noticed many changes in the business cards I see, which says it all about how set in our ways we get. And when I’m always trying to send people to our facebook page, not putting it front and centre on the card does seem totally daft 🙂 Time for a rethink…

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