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All the customers you need in just half an hour a month


‘How so?’, you say.

Well in short, the answer is you talk to me for half an hour every month, and I take what you’ve said and turn it into …

A RockStar Webinar


You’ll have heard about just how successful webinars are, because they …
  • Connect you directly with your target audience and encourage a conversation which often results in direct sales!
  • Mean you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own office in order to win new business!
  • Virtually eliminate the need to attend one on one meetings because many of your prospects will all be wanting the same info from you and be wanting to asking you the same questions. With a webinar, you can bring all your prospects together and answer those questions in one fell swoop.
Even if you know virtually nothing about webinars OR you’ve run them yourself before, next Tuesday, 26 November, in Maidstone from 6.30pm to 8pm, I’ll be explaining exactly the kind of difference adding webinars to your marketing and sales activity could make


How Long have you got

I’ll also show you how – unlike current and common practice, which can be time consuming and difficult to learn how – I can take away all these obstacles and more, and just do the job for you, with your commitment being …



… which could end up being ALL YOU NEED TO DO in terms of marketing your business in the future!

Testimonial Just In!

SeyiIf you are serious about using the power of webinar interviews to accelerate your business success then QJ is just what you need. Not only was I blown away with his methodology, but I loved the rockstar approach to webinar which was smooth, and effective. Working with QJ will show you how to use webinar interviews to get your potential clients, and existing clients to understand how your business or expertise can be of great benefit to them which means more sales conversion” Seyi Eyitayo “The Sales Conversion Expert”

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I always offer a full money back no quibble guarantee. If you feel that you haven’t received the value you expected at any of our events, just ask for your money back. A prompt, courteous refund will be made to you.