About QJ

First & Foremost, I’m a musician: Music is my thing: It’s my first language.

Secondly, I find people utterly fascinating.

And thirdly, I’m somewhat intellectually-biased, but also don’t take things too seriously.

So at times, you’ll find me appearing to ponder things deeply, and in the next moment I’ll write something which you might find a bit weird, but which I’ll find hysterical. (I laugh at my own jokes – and most people don’t! So don’t be surprised if you can’t work me out sometimes.)

I’m curious and love to explore and discover things new and old.

The musician in me wants many more people to ‘get’ just how powerful and transportational music can be, to the point where it can – without doubt – make people happier, healthier and smarter.

I’m a musician by trade. In other words, I trained as a professional musician from a very early age, and then made a living from it. More of that in subsequent blogs. **

But most of all, I’m here because I want to connect with people through sharing my thoughts, and asking “What do you think?”. So maybe I’m not that weird after all.