About QJ

I used to be almost speechless!

And I was definitely not a public speaker.

That was, until I had to get out there and promote my latest venture, which at the time was to get bums on seats for my recently launched symphony orchestra’s concerts!

I learned fast: I had to. Time was running out and we didn’t have many seats booked, and that was in a theatre that held 1,000 people. Lots of work to do.

And just like you, today, we really needed to get our act together if we were going to stand any chance of selling 1,000 tickets, or winning over 10, 100 or 1,000 new clients.

So that’s the practical side of what I can help you do. But before we do any of that, you need to decide 3 things.

  1. Why are you doing what you’re doing?
  2. What is your ultimate goal?
  3. Who is your ideal audience or perfect client (usually the people you can and want to help the most)?

Hello … my name is QJ. It doesn’t stand for anything. I just decided, in 2004 formally to change my name to what always used to be my nickname. It’s easier to remember, and everyone always called me QJ anyway. So there’s the reason.

Throughout my life I’ve had a somewhat different approach.

I’ve been a Choirboy, a RockStar, a Record Producer, a Radio Producer, a Communication Consultant, Founded a Symphony Orchestra and a Children’s Charity. In all that time, as well as just following my heart in all my endeavours, I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours on stage, behind a microphone or in front of a camera. So now what I’m here to do is share what I know about having a dream, a calling, an idea, and how to go about communicating that ‘thing’ to others in ways that will get you what you want: People on board as part of your team: Sources of funding if that’s what you need: Customers, Clients, Followers or Fans if you need some of those too.

Surprisingly – perhaps – to most people, I’m an Introvert. But whereas I used to be a Shy Introvert, over the years I learned how to be a Confident Introvert, and this is just one area of RockStardom that I’m particularly passionate about sharing with you.

Longer Bio (written in the third person)

From his early days in the music business, first as a performer, then as a producer and songwriter (with United Artists & RCA), and then as a label owner and promoter of other artists, there’s not a lot that QJ doesn’t know about what people need to do to make an serious impact and build a loyal following!

But it was when QJ launched his orchestra in 1997, that the idea of ‘getting your message out there through speaking’ took on a whole new relevance in his life, even though, at the time, he was still painfully shy.

This year, QJ’s company celebrates thirty years of designing and delivering communication programmes for national and international corporate clients. Global giants like Cisco, Symantec, American Express, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Pfizer and many others like RBS, Coutts, L&G, Experian & Eurotunnel.

QJ’s fellow director, Henry Lee (Ms), is a trusted adviser to the business leaders of many client companies, so if you’re thinking that the insider secrets that Henry is witness to on a daily basis might help you know what to do at the helm of your business, then attending one of our events will give you the chance to meet Henry and see right inside the heads of some significant global business leaders.

QJ’s passion though, is helping and supporting the difference maker, the leader, the inspirationist: the kind that must win over the hearts and minds of their target audience if they are to succeed!

QJ is sought-after as a speaker, for many reasons, but mostly because of his almost insane dedication to showing others what true ‘performance’ is all about, and by delivering in a style that is utterly entertaining and at the same time, profound.

It’s your message, your creed, your philosophy, your ideas and your business that we want to help you promote with real style, panache, clarity and engagement to your ideal audience, in a way that gives you the success that you want. These are the kind of results you can expect when working with me.

And in doing that, you just might attract more of the ‘right people’ too!

Have an insanely great day!

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