About QJ

Yep, you guessed it! I’m not a graphic designer!

In fact my choice of colour, probably breaks every rule in the book.

And that’s just fine by me.

Because, as creative types, isn’t breaking rules the thing we do the best?

I went from school into the Music Business as a performer, then as a label owner, producer and promoter of ‘talent’. Have been signed to majors including RCA and United Artists. Also song-writer signed to ATV Music Publishing.

Toured extensively, spent tens of thousands of hours on stage, behind a microphone or in front of a camera, including lots of radio and a bit of TV (if “Cheggers Plays Pop” counts!)

Have worked with and produced Noel Edmonds, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Have performed with Nigel Kennedy – three times – and used to work with Gary Farrow (he worked for Nicky Chin and Mike Chapman and broke “Blondie” in the UK and now is PR guru for the likes of Sharon Osbourne and Michael McIntyre).

I’ve been putting on gigs for decades and love entertainment and achievement in almost any form.

But I eventually got to the point where it was really hard to continue making money doing what I not only loved to do, but HAD to do.

If it’s YOUR BRILLIANCE that you want to Monetize and fully exploit (positive use of the word, BTW), then I can definitely help.

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Have a Shamelessly Audacious Day!