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Hi, and welcome to the Inspirationist

I’ve often thought that it was odd that most biographies are written in the third person. Because I reckon that having clicked through to this page, you really want to suss me out! You want to get to know me – to see if you can trust me – right?

So, here’s your first surprise: There are two of us!

Henry Lee

I’m QJ, and my partner in crime is Henry Lee. That’s Henry with a ‘y’ and yes, she’s a girl, or to be more precise, Henry is my wife and fellow company director.

She’s actually The Brains, and I’m The Brand! Well, perhaps not, but more of that later …

Actually, she’s very black and white, while I’m … well … more colourful!

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Short Bio

I’m just going to give you the bare bones for now, in case your the impatient type, but if you’d like to know more, at the end of this short bio, I’ve written – yes, you’ve guessed it – a long bio!

I’m QJ (yes that is my real name), and I’m nuts about music, discovery, invention, science, psychology, people and their achievements. I’m as fascinated by Barnes Wallis (of Dambusters bouncing bomb fame) as I am by Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill or Eric Clapton.

Our business is totally focussed on whacking you over the head with who you really are and what you can really do: creating tools, ideas, programmes and strategies that give you new, better and faster ways of doing things.

We love new challenges. But for us, it’s really all about you and your results. And it’s ALL personal!

We’re fanatical about learning, so keeping abreast of all the latest research and findings in the fields of learning, psychology, neuroscience, heuristics and business is a given.

But don’t worry, we’re not blurters who don’t know how to teach! We’ve been designing and delivering innovative training and development programmes for nearly thirty years, and sometimes to really tough audiences – so we guarantee ‘stickiness’, that is, we ensure you absorb and can put into practice what you learn – most importantly.

We know that learning needs engagement, together with an element of inspiration and motivation, so EVERYTHING we do is fun, absorbing and challenging in a non-threatening, safe way. WE NEVER just regurgitate information like some so-called ‘trainers’ I could mention! I think you’ll find that we know better than to charge money for that!

I’m constantly inspired and excited by new discoveries, and then I’m itching to share that new knowledge with you, provided it’s relevant to your desired route to market. So if you want the latest and the best tools, tricks and techniques (we’ll keep it ethical, don’t worry – unlike some, I must say!), stay with us.

I look at things in strange ways (or so Henry says), which usually reveals new insights and ideas. In my view though, everything is fascinating, especially the ‘why do people do that?’ question. I’ve always found – although I know there are people who would disagree – that if you keep looking for reasons by asking why, you find them (just like a small child pestering a parent).

QJ & Henry – Life & Business Factoids

Having spent my formative adult years in the music business, first as an artist and then on the production and management side, I’ve learned a thing or two about winning over an audience. I spent literally tens of thousands of hours either on stage, behind a microphone or in front of a camera.

In our business, this has given me a terrific edge when it comes to things like How to make Your Presentations Entertaining, Powerful & Effective. This means producing exactly the response in your audience that you want! How to ‘seduce’ people into liking what you do, etc. or how to make a killer video for YouTube. Personal Branding is something that we also do for certain clients.

After the music business, we were both in radio, writing and performing as voice overs and producers and then writing and producing marketing and training materials for corporates like Arthur Andersen (now Andersen Consulting), Mercedes Benz, Dixons Stores Group, most of the high street banks (well someone’s got to do it!), Pfizer, Pizza Hut and Eurotunnel, to name but a few.

Now, we are regularly training some of the world’s most highly paid sales executives how to win new and repeat business worth £millions (literally).

We also show our clients how to develop the kind of relationships that can last a lifetime which results in massive profits, prosperity and fulfilment at the highest levels.

Our clients range from FTSE 100 companies and groups turning over billions each year to solo-preneurs, business owners and wannabes all of whom come to us because they only want the very latest in the field of influence, psychology and results.

Have fun watching some of my videos and then, why not sign up for my introductory offer in the box opposite.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on everything we do because we don’t think that working with us should expose you to any risk whatsoever.

Try us for FREE to start off with and then we’ll show you what we can really do.

Best Wishes, QJ | Inspirationist


The Inspirationist Brand Personality

Let me start by saying that in case you haven’t guessed already, we’re different – very different. Not because of some clever creative marketing concoction, but because we just hate that most offensive of English words – average!

Let me explain what I mean.

Whenever I’m asked, ‘what would you normally do, QJ?’ I answer, ‘To me, there is no normally.’ Normally is boring and unimaginative, just like usually. It shows a lack of imagination and if you do what’s normally or usually done, then you’re never going to stand out, and standing out is what we’re all about. Not just for the sake of being different, but in order to create interest, intrigue and ultimately to have fans who buy into you and what you do for all the right reasons.