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Authentic Speaking

What is Authentic Speaking?

Authentic SpeakingTM is a method used to coach individuals and groups in the development of their personal presence and authentic voice – in order to help them gain confidence and deliver impact when making presentations and speeches in a public arena.

Consisting of 2 x 90 minute sessions, the Authentic SpeakingTM system offers an innovative and natural approach to self-expression. Presenters and speakers are encouraged to be themselves, to respond to their listeners and to receive appreciation for who they are and for the important information that they have to share with their audience.

This deceptively simple method is key to dissolving the fear and discomfort of speaking in public. It gently builds confidence, self-esteem and personalised techniques for speaking in front of other people.

After two sessions, coachees can expect:

  • Authenticity in all verbal and non-verbal communications
  • An understanding of one’s own personal branding
  • Presence and personal effectiveness
  • The ability to share key thoughts and words comfortably with others
  • Greater confidence
  • Easy, calm delivery
  • Clarity of delivery around content and presentation
  • Greater attention from the audience

To book your Authentic Speaking sessions, call 0800 840 6093 and leave a message (we’ll get back to you), or email us today.