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Authentic Speaking

Are you wasting your time and money when standing up to tell people what you do, by simply not creating the impact you need, want and deserve!

Do you ever feel nervous or think that you didn’t say what you wanted to say very well?

Do you ever assume that a ‘Captive Audience’ is a ‘Captivated Audience’?

Did it ever cross your mind that people might find you totally boring?

When you address people in the room, do you give them an Utterly Compelling Reason to buy from you or refer business to you?


Most people believe that you shouldn’t sell to the room.

But what about when there are people in the room who would really love to buy your product or service?

What if you don’t give those people a chance to buy from you?

Would it just be you that was losing out, or WOULD THEY BE LOSING OUT TOO?

And in any case, how on earth do you expect them to sell you to someone else if you haven’t effectively sold yourself to them in the first place?

But then, if you’re happy ‘fitting in’, by ‘not standing out’ lest you appear pushy, salesy or greedy (god forbid), you’re probably relieved to stay in your comfort zone and losing loads of business in the process! (BTW – these two things usually come together!)

Chances are, your next 60 second Elevator Pitch will produce for you, in terms of cash in your pocket, ZILCH! ZERO! NOTHING! NO WONGA! NO BOOST TO YOUR INCOME!

But what if there was a way to get more business ‘Every Time You Speak to a Group’?

Would that make your investment in networking and speaking more profitable?

Would that make dragging yourself out of bed at stupid o’clock less painful?

Go to Our Events Page NOW: Find Out about the next Authentic Speaking Workshop and discover how you could avoid the Seven Most Stupid Mistakes that Business Owners make when delivering a Sixty Second Elevator Pitch!


“You can give us a presentation but it mustn’t be a sales pitch!”

Have you ever been offered an ‘opportunity’ like this?

If you’re like me, then you undoubtedly have.

Truth is, we all want to get new business from our presentations – unless we’re a not-for-profit, a charity or some other kind of politician or public figure. But even then, we want people to ‘buy-into’ our good cause, our view or our philosophy!

So, the truth is, for all of us, when we are ‘presenting’ we do want to get ‘sales’.

About three years ago, I finally got the plot. ‘Why the hell am I doing all of these talks and not getting anything back?’

The answer was because I wasn’t focussing on serving my audience.

You see when you give your audience great value, they end up wanting more, which is precisely where people fall short.

Well, I’m delighted to be able to say that there are many ways for this to work for you. Indeed I’ve researched and studied the many models out there that teach you to Sell from the Platform, etc. But, you know what, virtually all of them, as good as they were, didn’t quite fit with my scruples, with my values.

I’ve never been comfortable trying to con people, and whilst I’m not saying that what some of these gurus teach isn’t cosher, some of these seem, how shall we say, less than sincere.

Which is why I was encouraged to develop the ‘Authentic Speaking’ model, which holds you to your own high ethical standards, but at the same time, gives your audience really outstanding value whenever you deliver your presentation.

The result – for us, which means it could be for you too – has been a massive increase in conversions: that is, people buying more from us.

Authentic Speaking course, workshops and seminars will be coming back in 2012. Keep your eyes peeled for news.

This is the original course, currently helping 300+ of our clients to present themselves really well and get sales at the same time, now upgraded and enhanced!

I just got caught with my pants down!!!

A loyal follower just emailed me:

Hi QJ …. When will Authentic Speaking be available. If it’s a seminar/workshop, I’d love to attend.

I’ve scrambled together a quick answer.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever created … well so far.

No bull…. It was a roaring success from 2007 with over 300 delegates (that’s called Social Proof, by the way), then I dropped it to concentrate on other things.

To answer your question – soon. Specifics will be revealed very soon.

It’s very powerful and transforms people. Sounds like a cliché – I know – but a shy, nervous, embarrassing delegate after the event decided he was going to become a politician! Must follow that one up!

What makes it different? Let me say, it’s the only ‘public speaking’ (not really) workshop I know of where you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. Go figure!

Anyway. Enough waffle from me.

Thanks for the interest. I’ll keep you informed.

Have a conversational day.