Perhaps the most important question of all

Perhaps the most important question of all for establishing the foundation of your personal brand is this: “How are people changed as a result of interacting with you, your product or service?” In my experience – some thirty years in branding, promoting and directing people in performance – a brand is ‘every experience’ that the […]

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Brand or Bland

Most people think that branding is something you create overnight and the next day, everyone sees you or your business as this SHINY entity, KNOWN for what you do, ADMIRED for who you are and what you (or your company) has achieved, and CLEAR on what to expect when they consume your product or service. […]

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Stop Making Zero Impact Once & for All!

I’ve just been asked how you define a ‘hook’. My answer is simple: it’s the thing that you walk down the street singing, it’s the tune you can’t get out of your head because it’s really catchy. Now, I know this is metaphorical, and that’s because we all get ‘hooked’ in different ways by different […]

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“Auditions” Are the Best Way to Hire

One of the most joyful experiences of my entire life occurred when I was creating my own professional symphony orchestra. Prior to the City of Canterbury Symphony Orchestra’s launch in 1997, I had to ‘recruit’ one or two players. 80 – to be more precise – was the number of world-class, orchestral musicians I needed […]

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3 Hot Body Language Tips that Make You More Persuasive!

The position you take in the room: The posture you adopt as you speak: The expression you put on your face: these 3 hot body language tips will change how other people feel about you, often resulting in greater connection, more likeability, and more success in business. And if you want people to connect with […]

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What can Bob Geldof teach us about Business?

Recently, I caught a glimpse of Geldof guesting on Top Gear, the massively successful TV show hosted by Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson asked Geldof why he did so many things in his life. Geldof’s answer surprised me. He said, ‘The thing that I really love is the music’! Now I don’t know about you, but even […]

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