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What is Branding?

What is a Personal Brand, and Why is it Important?

It’s probably easier to start with what a Brand ISN’T!

A BrandĀ ISN’T …

  • A LOGO

… and whilst These Three Things are all REPRESENTATIONS of a Brand (which is really important to get right), the Brand itself, is something else altogether.

Personally, I like the description that Jeff Bezos, the founded of Amazon, gave:

“Your Brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

It’s not that you don’t already have a brand, but are you in CONTROL of it – and what other people think and say about you?

If you want to become widely recognized for who you and what you do, and to have more of your ideal client talking enthusiastically about you to other people, then Personal Branding is most certainly the answer!

Welcome to Branding 4 Speakers

Essentially, the strength of any brand – Global or Personal – is about reputation.

And some say that unless you’ve EXPERIENCED a brand, in other words, been a CONSUMER of that product or service, you won’t know what the brand is.

And strong brands – like Mercedes Benz, Nike, Virgin – aren’t just ‘liked’ by people, they are loved!

The feeling the Mercedes owner gets when sitting behind the steering wheel is A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. It’s not the same with any other car.

Likewise, Coca Cola is always brown (despite their efforts once upon a time to change the colour), it’s always a sweet tasting fizzy drink, and it always comes in a red can. But again, it’s the EXPERIENCE of drinking it that IS THE BRAND.

I buy my groceries online, from a supermarket. And before the final checkout, the website asks me …

“Will you accept any substitutes?”

Against the Kelloggs Corn Flakes, I say ‘NO’.

Against the Stella Artois lager, I say ‘NO’.

Against the Fairy Liquid, I say ‘NO’.


Because these brands have all earned the right – in my EXPERIENCE – to be the EXACT product I want.

I don’t want and won’t accept an ALTERNATIVE.

I know the flavour and texture of ‘Kelloggs’ Corn Flakes, and to me, I prefer them to others.

So … there are a couple of points here:


If a produce or service isn’t consistent, if my EXPERIENCE of the product or service is inconsistent, it is impossible to create or engender any BRAND LOYALTY, which means NO REPEAT BUSINESS.


Without DISTINCTION, in either the overall experience or in a unique combination of the elements that go to make up the brand, there is little or no reason to choose one produce over another.

It’s competitive out there! Speakers are ten a penny – until you get known as the ONLY ONE who does what you do! I’ll help you do that.