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Take The Brilliance Test!

Create a new document and answer the following questions. Send your answers to me at qj@theinspirationist.com and I will send you a personalised report on How Your Brilliance Is Showing.

  1. When you walk into a room full of people, do they approach you or do you approach them?
  2. Do people often ask you about yourself?
  3. Do people often give you a ‘funny look’?
  4. When engaged in conversation, who does most of the listening, you or the other person?
  5. Do you feel the urge to jump up on stage at the drop of a hat? (Like at a Karaoke)
  6. Are you normally shy and retiring in company?
  7. Do you have and do you love having lots of friends?
  8. Who do you put first, yourself or others?
  9. Do your personal interaction with others feel natural or like a bit of a role play?
  10. How often do you feel that you are just being yourself?
  11. Do you have your own business and if you do, why?
  12. Do other people give you lots of advice about how to live your life?