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Why a Good Speaker Bio Won’t Get You any Gigs

There are speakers … and then there are speakers … and that’s the point!

Ten a penny! Everyone’s at it – speaking that is!

Gone are the days when the only people speaking were … yes, you’ve guessed it … professional speakers!

Which means: There’s Competition – Lots of It – and in order to Get Gigs, the way you market yourself, and the way you come across can no longer be just … Good.

  • Good is the new Poor
  • Really Good is the new Average
  • Great is the new ‘This person might be worth considering’

Truth is, you’ve got to Look, Sound & Be Great; Outstanding; Awesome; Exceptional; Unique, or whatever the current hyped-up vernacular is.

What follows is a check-list against which you can judge just how Great you need to look on your speaker bio. Continue reading

Do you have any idea just how much your list is worth?

Make Money OnlineMarketing has changed forever. It will never, ever be the same again. 

If you pay attention to people banging on about all the same old stuff from the 20th Century, then you’re going to be led up the garden path.

Truth is, people like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki have their fingers right on the pulse.

Joint Ventures, Relational Marketing, Tribes, Fans: these are all the buzzwords of the new marketing arena. They are also where ALL the money is!

From the title of this blog, for ‘list’, also read ‘community’, ‘tribe’, ‘fans’ etc.

Because the Truth is Continue reading

What can Bob Geldof teach us about Business?

GeldofRecently, I caught a glimpse of Geldof guesting on Top Gear, the massively successful TV show hosted by Jeremy Clarkson.

Clarkson asked Geldof why he did so many things in his life.

Geldof’s answer surprised me. He said, ‘The thing that I really love is the music’!

Now I don’t know about you, but even though I think the Boomtown Rats were okay, there’s nothing in this world to compare with Sir Bob’s achievement with Live Aid.

Which rather begs the question, Continue reading

I’m a lone nut!

A lone nutAs I stood up to present, I had already sussed that I was on my own.

I don’t mean that when we present to an audience we are on our own.

I mean that sometimes when we put ourselves centre stage to make a presentation, there is no one else in that audience that thinks or acts like we do.

At that moment, talking about energy, excitement and standing out like a RockStar, I knew that virtually no-one in the room had even thought about the concept of being a Business RockStar, let alone putting their hand up and stating unequivocally, ‘I want to be a Business RockStar’.

So how can we influence an audience of non-believers to our way of thinking?

This video gives some essential guidance that you can act upon if you’re an entrepreneur looking for your first follower right now.

“The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader”.

Have a great day.


I’d be really interested in your comments …


How will people remember you?

Grave Stone

How will people remember you?

I was working on my ‘Hi-Impact Presentations’ presentation design and looking for suitable images to represent the fact that most of us in business pay little attention to ‘being memorable’, when I came upon this picture (left).

I was immediately struck by a link between how we would like to be remembered when we die, and being remembered while we’re alive!

Once we’re dead, how we are remembered will be irrelevant to us – because we are dead – it’s obvious. Continue reading

Take Your Business Card & Shove it!

"Take my card ..."

“Take my card …”

I’ve just picked up a new client who found me on LinkedIn!

But what’s that got to do with my business card?

Here’s the story …

I just returned from a networking meeting with a handful of business cards.

Wahay, I’m doing what thousands of small biz guys around the country are doing right now: make those connections.

BIG DEAL! Right?

Well, Perhaps: Perhaps Not! Continue reading

Turning down £100,000 really was the right decision!

Making the Scariest Decision can often be the Best Decision

What have I done?

What have I done?

One of my clients was in pieces at 3am. He called me the day after, convinced that he’d made the biggest mistake of his life.

“I’ve just turned down £100,000 worth of work, QJ. I think I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life.”

“Okay” I said, “Tell me exactly what’s happened.”

He went on to say that one of his clients had offered him 200 days at £500, and he turned them down. He’s a consultant trainer and coach, what we’d call a jobbing trainer.

He and I have been working on getting his rate up to £1,000 a day (£750 being his average just now), so you can perhaps see why this offer was not what he was looking for.

Now we’ve all heard of ‘buyers remorse’, you know, when you’ve paid good money for something and afterwards you regret having spent the money and you make up all sorts of reasons why you shouldn’t have done what you did. Well, this was kind of the same thing but different, if you get my drift.

He started this steady (or, should I say, unsteady) toxic diatribe of negative consequences that he felt he would now be facing, including having to sell the house, never being offered any more work by anyone, and basically being ‘all washed up’! Who was he to think he was good enough? How dare he imagine that he was really worth £1000 a day!

I let him rant, of course: he needed to do this to get it out of his system and share with an empathic listener. But this stuff is hard. Actually it’s VERY hard!


So as I lay in bed this morning, around 6am, warm and cosy under the duvet, I reflected on just how different we feel when we are comfortable and ‘snug as a bug in a rug’ compared with feeling terrified about our current situation and what the world is likely to throw at us next.

These two feelings are at opposite ends of our emotional continuum!

The thing is, under that duvet, all warm and snuggly, we’re very happy to stay there, not get up, not get out of bed, because it feels just lovely: safe and secure.

Whereas, as soon as we get up, out of bed, get dressed and get ready to face the world, our thoughts transform into something very different: fear, trepidation, anxiety, but maybe excitement as well!

Which is really my point.


My client has been going on now for ages about how he wants to raise his game. He’s worth more than they’re currently paying him. He has skills and assets that could be worth a lot more to the right clients if he could only position himself or perhaps sell himself in a different way. Bottom line is, he MUST get into a position where he’s PERCEIVED as being of great VALUE to the people he’s selling to.

Then, and only then, will people pay what he is actually worth.

Now of course, he knows this. He’s not one of those deluded characters that we see on X-Factor that thinks they can sing when in fact they can’t.

This guy is truly AWESOME. His work is amongst the best I’ve ever seen. And his client testimonials are ‘TO DIE FOR’. Even I don’t get as brilliant client testimonials as he does!

So, back to the story.

What did we do next?

We quietly talked through all the REASONS why we thought it was a good idea in the first place for him no longer to accept work at less than £1000 a day. We re-explored the LIFE-CHANGING IMPACT that earning more money would have. He’d be able to spend more money on the family, on the kids, on going to the theatre, on holidays, on champagne! He’d be able to afford 1st Class flights instead of just Business Class. He’d be able to take his wife to all those fabulous destinations around the globe where they would spend intimate, fun time together and make mad passionate love at any time, day or night (sorry reader, I’m only reporting what he said).

And much more.

And through this process, he was able to clarify in his head that despite how scary the decision he’d made was, ultimately IT REALLY WAS THE RIGHT DECISION.


We also talked about what might happen if he had accepted £500 a day and suppose it had all gone tits-up!

We talked about someone we both know well who had done precisely that. They’d accepted a large number of days at what looked like a phenomenal daily rate. They’d taken the work, but after a couple of months, the plug had been pulled and the work stopped. There was no redress, nothing they could do.

And in the meantime, all their other clients had written them off, because THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS when you sell your soul, when you are owned by just one client. Everyone else forgets all about you!

It took this other person about a year to recover!

But that was their story: this is ours.

So I’m delighted to report that my client is now stronger, more determined, and more convinced than ever that they made the right decision, the scariest decision, because sometimes that’s exactly what you have to do: come out from under the snug, warm, cosy duvet and take on the world with courage, belief and faith, HEAD ON!

Congratulations client – you know who you are – you are truly AWESOME!

Thanks for reading. Have fun with your business.

But above all, have an insanely great day.


PS I’m still running the daily RockStar tips on Blogging on my Facebook Page

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Posted by Create A Rock Star Business on Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sell the Pain or Die!

Dramatic Title! Yep …

Why? Because it’s actually True!

Ignore this fact and it could result in death for your business.

9 times out of 10, if you fail to confirm that your prospect buys into the pain or the problem that he or she has, the last thing they will do, is buy into you and your particular solution.

I explain it all in this short video …



I’d love to know what you think about this, so do leave your comment below. It will give you ‘brownie points’ with Google! …

How do you create an awesome ‘test-drive’ for your prospects even though you don’t sell cars?

It’s an age-old strategy, but it still works today because the underlying psychology is very powerful.

The reason that car dealers still try to get you into the car for a test drive is obvious. Once you experience something you really like, you’ll probably want to do it again, at the very least.

But actually, this belies how much of a difference using the principle can actually make to any business, and not just to one that sells cars.

For example, did you know that it’s widely proven that Continue reading

Turn Your Ignorance into Bliss!

This blog comes directly from my book The RockStar Approach to life, the universe … and business (working title – feel free to suggest alternatives).

“QJ doesn’t know he can’t”

Henry coined this phrase about me as she watched me create and launch my own professional symphony orchestra.

My wife, Henry, and I got together in the 90s.

At first, she was blissfully unaware of my RockStar Approach to life. She had come for a voice over audition at my studio in Canterbury at the suggestion of her sister, Phillipa. Continue reading