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3 Hot Body Language Tips that Make You More Persuasive!

Getting liked is easy when you know how

Getting liked is easy when you know how

The position you take in the room:

The posture you adopt as you speak:

The expression you put on your face: these 3 hot body language tips will change how other people feel about you, often resulting in greater connection, more likeability, and more success in business.

And if you want people to connect with you, buy into you as a person, and buy from you, then these three tips will improve on what you’re currently achieving.

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Take Your Business Card & Shove it!

"Take my card ..."

“Take my card …”

I’ve just picked up a new client who found me on LinkedIn!

But what’s that got to do with my business card?

Here’s the story …

I just returned from a networking meeting with a handful of business cards.

Wahay, I’m doing what thousands of small biz guys around the country are doing right now: make those connections.

BIG DEAL! Right?

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I’m in Show Business: so are You!

Ibiza Blog PicSo here’s the thing. We’re on holiday in Ibiza. Not the most exotic destination but we’re here to see and support my daughter, Sophie, who is dancing every night at one of the various, very touristy hotels dotted around the island.

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Why The Rockstar Approach™ to Your Elevator Pitch is Crucial!

Are you driving them wild?

Are you driving them wild?

Ask any great songwriter, from Michael Jackson to Adele, from Gary Barlow to Taylor Swift, how long you’ve got to get to YOUR HOOK into the song, and they’ll tell you – 60 Seconds – MAX!

The ‘Hook of the Song’ is the bit you remember, can’t get out of your mind and sing along to because it’s memorable and makes you feel great!

The ‘Hook of Any RockStar Business’ is the bit your prospects, customers and clients remember, can’t get out of their minds and talk about (rave about if you’re lucky) to other people because you are  memorable and make them feel great!

What better reason is there to approach your Sixty Second Elevator Pitch like Continue reading

Starting Customer Conversations

Chances are, if you absolutely, incontrovertibly know the definitive answers to these three questions, your business is probably going to be doing rather well!

And don’t be fooled by their brevity!

  1. How do you come across?
  2. What are you saying – exactly?
  3. Who are you talking to?

Let me explain:

The first question, ‘How do you come across?’, is all about your image, the impression you create and the words that you use in the market place and really asks how your message is LANDING?

We all know what we intend to say, but does it have the meaning we intended, when it LANDS with the other party – usually your prospect or client?

The second question really asks, does what you say really clearly articulate your offer, promise, proposition or message? AND does it put the offer in its best light, and is it compelling? Does it have impact?

The third and last question is asking if you really know who your ideal audience or market is and are you talking in their language, meeting their needs (wants) and do they see you as speaking their language?

THIS EXERCISE is just one way that you might choose to evaluate what you are doing in terms of ‘Starting Customer Conversations’ out there in the market place.

It could work for you, just as it has for many of the businesses we’ve worked with over the years.

And if this prompts any further questions, we’re always here to try and answer them for you.

Have fun with your business.


A Finely-Tuned Personality

Exposed as we are to Media such as Big Brother, X Factor, The Apprentice and Superstar, we have all become expert in assessing character and personality.

As humans we crave connection, and in our desire to connect with people we like, we have all become great judges of everyone else! Continue reading

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Would You like to Know How to be Insanely Great in front of any audience, just like Steve Jobs was?

If you’re like me, you love the idea of being able to stand up in front of an audience and get them to enjoy and derive massive value from what you deliver.

There are many tricks of the trade – as it were – and Jobs seemed to have the ability to use exactly the right trick at the right time! Continue reading

Why Your Sixty Seconds Matters!

As soon as you stand up, you are centre stage and become bestowed with an invisible advantage: you become the ‘expert’ in the eyes of your audience.

What you then say will have more influence than at any other time during the meeting.

This is why, when people are prepared to listen to you, you should be prepared to offer them some incredible value.

This can be in making them feel good, telling a good story, or articulating clearly the value that you provide to your clients.

If you don’t give your Sixty Seconds the respect, attention to detail and creativity it deserves, then you will have no one else to blame for your lack of inspiration or influence – usually meaning that you will fail to attract the business you are looking for!

Are you in need of how to make this work for you? Then …

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