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Control your blood-flow: control your business!

The ‘science of success’ and the ‘chemistry of success’ are subjects that really give us the heads-up on how critical our thinking is!

Spend any amount of time with super-achievers and what you will notice is their voracious appetite for continuous learning.

But the science of what happens when we are focussed on learning shows not that the acquisition of new knowledge is what makes people successful, but rather the way in which the blood-flow in our brains inhibits or allows the mental sabotage that causes most of us to stumble and fall!

Let me explain.

Have you ever watched the ‘Dragons in the Den’ – the ones that feature on the TV series of the same name?

If you have, you’ll have noticed the somewhat serious, focussed look on their faces as they try to ‘learn’ as much about the candidates as possible. They do this because there is much at stake. A good decision can result in financial reward: a bad decision can mean money down the drain.

Now, I can’t speak for their motivation, they will all have their own reasons for being ‘interested’, but what I can say is that their ‘focus’ actually inhibits blood-flow in the limbic brain.

The limbic brain is where our fight or flight responses reside. It’s where we hold our emotional memories, our ‘baggage’ if you like. And this is the ‘stuff’ that when it surfaces, causes us to doubt, to procrastinate, and to avoid making decisions: in other words, to fail!

And the reason that this is so important to anyone who wants to achieve at a high level is because the less we engage our critical thinking – which includes our focus on learning – the more we allow our habits (good and bad), plus our emotions to take control.

You know how, after a good meal, we have the tendency to feel sleepy or even drop off to sleep? Well, this is because the blood-flow after eating a heavy meal is concentrated on our digestive system. This, in turn, means that there is less blood flowing to our brain, making us sleepy.

Well, it may surprise you to know that exactly the same thing happens when we are focussed on learning or using our thinking critically; to evaluate, plan, process or structure our thoughts.

The blood-flow to our pre-frontal cortex (particularly the larger right hemisphere) is far greater as we focus on the matter at hand and this actually diverts the blood-flow away from our limbic or emotional brain, so we become much more ‘in control’. Our outcomes become more predictable, our actions more rational and ‘well-thought-out’.

But this is not all!

In addition, the pre-frontal cortex LOVES novelty.

If we are constantly learning new things, trying constantly to improve or progress, our DNA keeps on producing new proteins. These healthy proteins keep us young!

The more we engage in the opposite – just doing the same old stuff over and over again – in other words, repeating habits, re-running the same emotional states and not adding any new thoughts or new activities into our lives, the ‘cheaper’ the proteins our DNA produces become: our genes literally start to wear out. It’s a bit like continually driving a car in the same gear!

In actual fact – and this is the scary stuff – all ageing is the result of improper protein production.

Which means, ageing is a result of us NOT progressing in our thinking, not learning new stuff!

Yes, of course, the body needs to be kept fit and healthy too – we need to eat good foods in the right quantities and get some form of exercise – but even our decisions about taking exercise and eating healthy food start in the frontal lobes of our brain.

If you’d like to learn more about how your thinking is affecting your business AND YOUR AGE, then join us tomorrow on the Webinar at 3pm.

Manj W, who works with ultra-high net worth entrepreneurs amongst others, and I will be discussing this subject in more detail and sharing with you some of the things you can do to improve your thinking and your results.



shutterstock_66823942“When we are clear about what we want, the frontal lobe of our brain forbids anything from distracting us from our purpose and intent.”

Dispenza J (2007) Evolve Your Brain – The Science of Changing Your Mind hcibooks.com ISBN-13: 978-0-7573-0765-2.

Let’s be honest, if you’re reading this, you’re perfectly normal, although, depending on how you came to be here, you are possibly displaying a personality trait that could lead to a lack of success in your life.

Just like the CEO in any organisation, your pre-frontal cortex is your executive centre for all your decisions, plans, inspiration, ambition and intention.

Numerous scientific studies show that when we exercise impulse control (which the prefrontal cortex has sole responsibility for) we set ourselves up for success in whatever we focus our attention on.

Conversely, lack of impulse control, being distracted by things in our environment, or by how we are feeling, or by drifting off into random thought, is, pretty much, a recipe for failure.

But please, don’t take my word for it.

My very special guest, Manj W & I will be discussing this and more on Friday at 3pm. Click ‘Get Tickets’ NOW to register and hear more of what you need to know to get to where you want to be! It will be worth your entire focus and attention!

Warning: The Wrong Mindset Will Kill Your Business!

Let’s face it, there aren’t many articles or headlines written that are absolute. About most marketing messages we are subjected to, in all honesty, we would have to say that ‘this might work for you, on the other hand, it might not’.

Which is why I need to make it really clear to you that the headline The Wrong Mindset Will Kill Your Business IS an absolute: it’s true for every human being, wherever you come from, wherever you are going, whatever your background, race, religion or creed: it’s proven unequivocally in science.

Manj W

Manj W

Manj W is a Mindset Expert. Here’s the link to my interview with him on Friday.

When I’m not communicating directly with you, I’m spending most of my waking hours studying human behaviour: it’s what I love to do. It’s my form of play, if you like.

And, when you read up about the research around how we think, what happens chemically within us when we think, what happens to our DNA when we think, and the changes that take place within us that define who we are today and feed into the evolution of who we will become tomorrow, you realise very quickly that ‘thoughts are things’ and that ‘every thought that we have contributes to who we become’ and that includes our success in business. A really insightful book on the subject is Dr Joe Dispenza’s Evolve Your Brain – The Science of Changing Your Mind.

At one level, this can all be very scary stuff, and I don’t want you to get all paranoid about it, but at a more every day level, what I believe we would all do well to pay attention to is how we think on a daily basis.

And this is so much more than attitude (a big part of it, I’ll admit), or emotional state (which contributes massively too).

No. On a practical level, what you and I want to know is what do we have to do to get what we want out of life: right?

So, in this interview with Manj W, an expert in what you and I might loosely call the psychology of success, we explore a bit of the HOW you might start conditioning your thinking so that you produce some better results in your life and in your business.

I’ll also be sharing how you can go deeper into the subject if you feel it’s something you’d like to explore further.

Interested? Then be sure to register and join in with our conversation, which takes place this Friday at 3pm. It’s free, it’s valuable. It could change your life (that’s not an absolute, obviously!)