"Practice Makes Progress"

“Practice Makes Progress”

What’s different about the ‘Creative’ Mind?

  • Truth is, Creativity & Money weren’t made to sleep together.
  • Truth is, the Creative Mind is very Different from the Commercial Mind.
  • Truth is, Creatives think Differently! Creatives wouldn’t be Creative if they didn’t!

As creative individuals, we might be similar to each other, but we’re REALLY different from the rest when we compare ourselves to “ordinary folk”.

  • Ever felt like you were a square peg in a round hole?
  • Ever felt you ought to try and fit in, but didn’t want to – or just couldn’t?
  • Ever felt like striking out on your own but found it quite a challenge?

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ll have had all these thoughts and more, over the years!

And with good reason …

In my talk, Turning Creativity into Cash, I dispel the myth about why artists must starve in a garret in order to be real artists, and explain why the way we think makes it more difficult to make a decent living from our ‘artistry’.

I also also share some sound strategies for turning what we do into commercial success.

I’m a creative who has often been mistaken for a ‘business man’ – much to my chagrin!

Five businesses later, I have some deep insights to share to help us understand the  difference between surviving and thriving as a Creative in a Commercial World.

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