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Urban Innovators presents The Urban Generation

Cornbread and Cool Earl set the tone, Banksy glamourised it and made it expensive, and now Urban Innovators introduces you to the next instalment of street art…Graffuturism.

What is Graffuturism? What does it bring to the current Art scene? According to Urban Innovators founder Frankie Goodman

“…it’s a movement, a unified voice exploring the themes of sex, pop culture, politics, and free speech. We can show you, we can grasp the forms of it, but we’ll leave it up to you to explain or define it.”

And Director Korhan;

“…it’s a glimpse into the artists mind in that moment of creativity, which sets you on a journey of discovery, wonder, and enlightenment.”

On 12th October for one night only, Urban Innovators have curated a ground-breaking debut exhibition showcasing the most fresh and proactive street artists.

Using the über trendy Après London as it’s canvas, artwork will be displayed around the venue providing guests with the opportunity to sip cocktails and mingle with the artists while watching the creation of a live piece on one of Après walls.

Working alongside a mix of artists such as Kone, Ellannah Sadkin, Codefc and Eye Saw backed by The Arts Anonymous Crew; the press preview promises to be a thought-provoking alternative to the Freize Art Fair

Après Lounge and Cocktail Bar is open Monday – Saturday from 4pm –Late, daily.

Après Lounge and Cocktail Bar is located at 31 Duke street, London W1U 1LG.