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“Personality Branding & Development Programme”

If you are invisible (or just not reaching enough people) right now,
here’s how you can change all that
– in Seven Simple Steps …

Step #1:

Discover Your Strengths

If you don’t know what makes you and your offer valuable to your clients, how can you even begin to attract them to you?

The answer is: You can’t!

This is why the very first step towards defining your personality brand and developing it within your market is to complete our online Strengths Survey. This will show you exactly which facets of your expertise you should be promoting to your market.

You might be doing this perfectly already, and if you are, fantastic. But just to make sure, this is a painless way of checking. (Can’t wait? Email me now at

2 reasons why this is important

1) Because when you are using your top strengths to create or deliver your product or service, you will working at your optimal level. Result: you will be giving your clients the your best ever service or product.

2) Because when you are using your top strengths, you will be at your most resourceful and happy doing what you are doing. This might sound a bit woolly, but actually, the science is very clear on that fact that when we are happily engaged in our work (which is hopefully also the thing you’re passionate about) as opposed to reluctantly engaged in our work, our results are the best they can be.

The identification of your Top Five Strengths will also give you a crucial, core document to inform and support our working through the programme. We will be able to refer back to it whenever we want to check that we are on track and fulfilling your needs and those of your customers or clients simultaneously.

Step #2:

Share your feedback with me

In Step #2, taking your Top Five Strengths into account, we look closely at how you are coming across right now and whether or not you are selling yourself as you strongly and as authentically as you could or should be. This is a significant and revealing part of the process. It will lead us to being able to shape your brand into its most powerful and compelling form.

“My Personal Brand helps me build relationships”

Stephen Bates, MD, Certain Change Ltd (see his video testimonial now)

Step #3:

Psychographical Market Research

In Step #3, we will do some market research which is very carefully structured with some psychologically profound and meaningful questions asked of some specific people who have a view of you and what you do.

You will choose who we involve and I can assure you that people respond very positively and you will get a boost to your ego! I have yet to find a client who didn’t get great feedback from those that they included in their research.

Their answers will give us food for the next Step.

Step #4:

Does your Personality come across in the way that you want, or are people not connecting with the real you?

In Step #4, we compare your perception of how you come across with other people’s perception of how you come across. Why? Because we need to ensure that there is no delusion or disparity between the two going on.

You need to be able to end up projecting the image and personality that consistently produces the results you want: usually lots of paying happy customers.

Step #5:

Exploring your story

In this Step, we talk about what it is about you that moves people – to action!

We use the four balances to make you look and sound really interesting, to get people wanting to know more and to investigate and ultimately buy your products or services – or both.

Step #6:

The Blueprint

We work thoroughly and systematically through all of your story, the story of your business, and the story of what you are selling today, to produce your Personality Branding & Development Blueprint – the document that will inform and guide your every Marketing and Sales activity from hereon in.

My clients have been amazed at this stage in the process about just what their marketing messages SHOULD BE.

Nine times out of ten, they’ve been saying things that were IRRELEVANT to their client, and not saying the things that would have GOT THE SALE.

It’s only by understanding and using all of this information (the Blueprint) about you and what you uniquely do that you can produce consistently great results when you’re out there selling – both online or off.

Stephen Bates again, “I had known for some time that I needed a fresh pair of ears to help me and QJ was perfect in this role. He helped me focus my thinking into the new direction and messaging that I needed while defocussing me from my old style and perceptions. He did this in a fun and creative way but challenged me when I needed it. This allowed me to create a new marketing position and message which on testing has shown great results. Thanks QJ”

Step #7:

The Scripts

Possibly the moment you’ve been waiting for, and absolutely, unequivocally the one YOU MUST NOT RUSH INTO: that is, getting in front of the camera and performing YOUR MESSAGE.

If you rush out there like one of my clients – she wanted to copy someone else’s video because she felt that the guy had effectively produced a video that sold her – and just slap out some salesy words, you would be completely ignoring the fact that YOUR PERSONALITY is different from someone else’s personality.

My client thought that if the words, the copy, the message worked for someone else they would work for her. Let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth.

There are so many factors that influence us when we watch and listen to another human being, whether live or on video.

1                    How they look (overall image including what they wear)

2                    How they sound (tone of voice, pitch, phrasing, pausing, etc)

3                    Micro-expressions (what the facial muscles in the face do while they speak, based on the emotions and mood of the speaker)

4                    The Actual Words used

The words are important, of course, and in the final analysis, they are critical, but without the other elements of Personality sorted, the words may never be received in the way you intended, which is why and how I help all my Personality Branding & Development Clients.

There is a great deal of knowledge of language and psychology needed to do this job, and even I am still learning more each day.

The science is still in its infancy – ten years or so since the neuroscience really kicked in – but that does make this whole arena very exciting right now, especially for those who are prepared to use what we know to promote themselves properly!


To get started straight away with your Strengths Survey, email me at and I’ll talk you through the Next Steps.


Some Stats about the use of video online for you …

In 2009 (I know, a bit old then – so things will have got WORSE by now) the Video-Enabled Web Index indicated that 51% of companies had video on their home page, 79% had video on their site, and 21% didn’t use any video on their Web site.

How Much Improvement Can Adding a Video Generate? Get to the Statistics!
Many online lead generation companies have released statistics and reports detailing how adding product or testimonial videos can increase conversion rates, customer interaction, and overall customer ROI.

v  In early 2010, TriMark added a click-to-play customer testimonials video to all Window World PPC landing pages. Within a month, we began to see lead conversion increases of 20% from those specific sites.

EyeView Digital has reported conversion rate increases of over 80% when video additions were included in landing page optimizations.

v  Andrew Angus from Switch Web Video boasts this impressive statement, “If you have a video on a webpage you are much much more likely to convert that visitor to a lead as compared to a normal web page. I have seen figures that show video landing pages convert 2 times to 6 times better than a normal webpage.”

v  Andrew Angus also went on to discuss the importance of video testimonials to conversion rates, “The page with testimonials on it beat the competition by 158%! That blew me out of the water and is a huge difference for the business.”

v  Chris Savage of also believes in the power of video additions to landing pages. He was recently quoted as saying, “We consistently get 3-4x better conversion ratios when we have videos on a page. Visitors convert in less time and there tend to be more opportunities.”

The experts are unanimous, adding videos to your clients’ websites and landing pages WILL INCREASE CONVERSION RATES in 99% of all cases.

Okay, so we know why you want to put video on your site, but what I need to know next is what do you want it to do for you?

Our Personality Branding Programme is actually targeted at business leaders and owners who – in addition to these stats – recognise that people no longer want to deal with anonymous, faceless organisations. It doesn’t just look at the personality of the company, it looks at the personality who IS the company, usually its owner.

Putting a face on your business – your face – is more important today than ever. People are less likely to trust impersonal, “unpersonable” companies. People relate to people, not companies. Personalizing your business says there’s someone there who cares. Because we can now get personal online – even in business – most buyers are now prefering it!


So how can you get started right away?

The first part of the process looks at existing perceptions of the business from the customer’s viewpoint.

Because in marketing anything there has to be a match. You have to know what aspects of your proposition people are already buying into and then check that against the communications that you are putting out there.

I have a client who THOUGHT customers were buying his stuff for one reason when in fact they were buying for completely different reasons.

Anyone who doesn’t know what the customer’s perceptions are runs the risk, then of a) selling a benefit that isn’t valued by the client, and b) not selling the benefit that would have otherwise sold them.

That’s just one of 30 odd problems that my Branding Programme will sort for you.

It will also give you a Blueprint of all the Sales and Marketing messages and language that correctly represent you and what you do, and, more importantly, SELL you and what you do for some time to come.

The process – and bear in mind that I’m usually working with the business owner alone – takes the form of: skype or face to face meetings, some emails which I will give you to send to a number of your clients for their feedback, and a final document – The Branding Blueprint from which all your scripts and marketing models are derived.

I look forward to working with you.



PS Here’s one of my clients talking about what the programme has done for him



WARNING – DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE A VIDEO BEFORE YOU HAVE DEFINED YOUR BRAND PERSONALITY. To do so, is a bit like going to the party before you get dressed!

For a small minority this might be fun, but for most people, it will be really embarrassing!

This Programme was developed because the Internet has become so noisy, over-crowded and impossible to penetrate, that business owners and leaders have to grasp the nettle and get in front of the camera and show people WHO they are and WHAT THEY CAN DO to really help and give great value to their clients – before it’s too late!

With a distinctive, likeable, memorable personality, and by offering a truly Outstanding Product (or Service) you can – thankfully – by using our Personality Branding & Development Blueprint, really begin to stand out from the crowd and get ahead of your competition.

The term ‘go-to guy’ is overused, I grant you, but our process really does begin to separate you from others in your market and start to build a solid reliable reputation where people really do know WHY they should ‘go-to’ you and WHAT TO EXPECT from you when they do. Now, doesn’t that make a lot of sense?

Without any of that, you stand little or no chance of getting known, liked, trusted, remembered, and raved about OR of creating:

Profitable Relationships that result in BIG SALES & BIG PROFITS.