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How I Started

Baby QJ

Baby QJ

I was born a wimp!

I mean, I wasn’t just SHY, I WAS TERRIFIED OF PEOPLE, throughout my childhood, and well into adulthood!

I would, literally, cross to the other side of the road to avoid having to speak to someone I knew! How mad is that?

Today, however, I’m happy to say that I’m much more – how do you say? Confident!

But, by the time I was a teenager, I knew I was going to be a ROCKSTAR!

(If you’re ready to become a rockstar now without any more fuss, you can click through here).

Within six months of leaving school, we had a manager, a recording contract, and I was in a rock band!

Ten years of the best rock-n-roll lifestyle imaginable followed, before I ‘settled down’ to become a record producer and label owner.

My inspiration for becoming a record producer came from working with a plethora of incredibly talented producers, including Martin Rushent, who produced all of our material when signed to United Artists.

That was five careers ago!

QJ old pic

A Youthful, Determined QJ

Here’s what that looked like:

  1. I owned a state of the art (designed by world-renowned designer Andy Munrorecording studio where I got to see what talent really looked like on a daily basis
  2. Launched and ran a record label where I got to sign some incredible artists and work with some top promoters, like the brash and loquacious, but friendly and very funny, Gary Farrow (if you don’t know, look him up here), who single-handedly taught me everything I know about how to get what you want
  3. Became a commercial production studio (where I got to understand advertising and work with some legendary actors and broadcasters, like Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, Noel Edmonds, and Roy Kinnear
  4. Started a communication consultancy where I got to learn about marketing and psychology and worked with top companies like Natwest, American Express,  Eurotunnel, Mercedes Benz, BMW & Rover
  5. Founded a professional symphony orchestra where I got to learn about building an audience, leading a team of 80 professional musicians, and conducting world-famous virtuoso violinist, Nigel Kennedy in 3 concerts!

… what I do now, is share the ‘wisdom’ of my experiences, the insights, challenges and strategies for success in business with visionaries and entrepreneurs who want to ensure the success of their enterprise, business or career.

Could you be my next client?

I love the concept of The Apprentice. It works, it’s practical, and you only learn the things you need to learn to do the job properly. None of that ‘well-rounded education’ stuff, most of which you will never want, need or use!

And I carry that love and concept into how I work today.

My Earliest Case Study

So my first apprentice started with me at the studio in 1984. His name was Paul Mortimer.

In Paul, I saw someone with great talent, who was prepared to work hard to progress in his career and end up getting what he wanted.

From his position with me, Paul went on to land a job at Abbey Road Studios.

Here’s what Paul did after that:

Recording Engineer/Producer

WestSide Studios/Outside Studios (Hook End)

1990 – 1994 (4 years)

Worked along side record producers Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley on many chart hits as well as other artists such as Deacon Blue, Chris Rea, Gary Moore, Morissey, Madness, George Clinton, Celine Dion, Michael Ball, Hot House Flowers, Cliff Richards, Stevie Wonder, Saxon, etc ……….too many to remember.


At the time, I didn’t give a lot of thought to the part I had played in Paul’s future. I just put it down to his talent and attitude, both of which were amazing.

But I finally came to realise that my real talent was being able to spot, nurture and support the talent in others, and maybe that’s you.

Today, it really isn’t that easy to succeed in your chosen profession, however brilliant your idea, or how determined you are.

So, my business is built on a unique rockstar approach to helping people achieve their goals, however different and maybe ridiculous they might appear to ‘normal’ people – those who have no vision.

If you want to calibrate your potential right now, what you could do is to share your idea with me (in complete confidence, naturally) and I will give you my initial thoughts and feedback for FREE about your chances of succeeding and a few ideas that might help you in your next steps.

You could do this …