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My Nigel Kennedy Story

Nigel Kennedy

My mate, Nige!

I was recently in conversation with a new Facebook friend, who asked me what was the biggest dream I’d ever had and achieved.

This was my answer:

“My biggest ‘success’ wasn’t a dream at all. Not quite true but let me explain: My Dream was to launch my own professional symphony orchestra, which I did in 1997: it took me three years in total. But then, our Chairman suggested I connect with Nigel Kennedy the violinist by responding to an article he’d written in the Daily Telegraph. I suggested to Nigel that we had similar views on ‘the classical market’ and that he might like to play with my orchestra at some point. A year later I received a phone call from his manager asking if we could put together a gig for Nigel to come and play with my orchestra. With only five weeks notice, we organised, marketed and performed in three concerts with Nigel, with me conducting. This was my best ever gig. And I never even went to music college!”

Oh, by the way, here’s my Facebook Page link, just in case you’d like to connect with me there.