Our Charity

“Our current education system systematically drains the creativity out of our children”

Sir Ken Robinson, PhD

Whether you agree with Sir Ken or not, my message to you is simple:

Most children in the UK never experience high-quality educational experiences in Music & Drama & Creativity!

Creative experiences of this kind in these subjects are known to:

  • Boost brain-power
  • Help left-right brain co-ordination
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Build social skills like cooperation and team-playing
  • Allow academically-challenged children to shine and feel really good about themselves in the process

And yet the government persists in its ‘one-size fits all, rounded education, test-biased evaluation and measurement processes’ to the VIRTUAL EXCLUSION of these and other activities known to benefit THOSE WHO WILL FAIL ACADEMICALLY.

My passion is to counter the governments brain-washing mantra about how ‘without qualifications, you will be handicapped’.

This is wicked and patently untrue.

If you want to get involved in our aspirational education projects for those kids who will fail academically, then get in touch.

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