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Personal Branding & Development Programme

The Internet has enabled not just you, but everyone. So, on the one hand this looks like opportunity, on the other, it’s a real challenge. Getting noticed and talked about is possible but the amount of energy you have to put in – although low cost – is enormous.
A strong personal brand can really help.

So you want to build your Personal Brand!

Then Watch This!


” … I’ve already got my money back! “

I’m very proud to have helped shape the personal brand of many clients.

We’ve been designing and delivering unique People Skills learning and development programmes for nearly thirty years now.

During that time, we have remained at the forefront of what are now some of the most extraordinary discoveries and revelations in the fields of psychology, neurology, heuristics and learning, which has led to our significant influence and impressive results that have impacted the bottom line for all our clients.

And the amazing thing is, most people are simply not using these innovative technologies to give themselves the distinct advantage that they could!

We continue to satisfy a wide range of clients: from FTSE100 companies and groups turning over £billions, to small business owners and individuals offering everything from financial planning to life coaching, and from consultancy to graphic design.

The RockStar Personal Branding Programme is just one of the products in the ‘RockStar’ range, and has been developed as a result of demand for a product that helps individuals profit from their personality in all their business dealings on-line and off.

Welcome to the RockStar Personal Brand Blueprint

QJ, 2011

Who is this for?

The RockStar Personal Branding Programme is for authors, consultants, coaches, photographers, plumbers, financial advisors, accountants, business advisors, speakers, trainers, social media specialists, bankers, sales professionals, small business owners and other personal service professionals who want to promote what they do more effectively and for bigger profits.


What is it?

The “RockStar” Personal Brand Blueprint is a unique document created individually for you about you and detailing a specific range of aspects of your personality which you can and should use to inform all of your strategic sales and marketing activities, including your website, social media, face-to-face meetings, networking events, sales pitches, presentations, and proposal documents.

Stephen Bates, owner of Certain Change, had this to say about how the Unstoppable Personal Brand Blueprint helped him in his business:


We worked on Stephen’s Personal Brand Blueprint over a number of weeks, carefully analysing and crafting the aspects of his brand that would be critical for his prospects and clients to see, and deciding which elements Stephen would find it easy to put into place within his marketing strategy on a consistent basis.

Why bother?

Because your Personal Brand Blueprint will provide you with the key elements about you and your product that your prospects and clients find either attractive or repellent! (Throughout this document ‘product’ refers to your products, your service or your business, as appropriate)


What does that mean exactly?

Scientific research has proved that everything is made up of electro-magnetic energy – including you and me. And, as with all magnets and magnetism, we are either attracting or repelling; there is no neutral. Do and say the right things and you will attract; do and say the wrong things and you will repel.

In order to attract your ideal customers (or, in fact, any customers at all), it’s imperative that you use the most attractive characteristics that you possess to promote yourself and what you do. The question is, ‘do you know exactly what these are?’ Because if you don’t, you could end up wasting an awful lot of time, energy and money doing things that produce few or no results!


If you come to fame not understanding who you are, it will define who you are – Oprah Winfrey


Business and the Internet

Because of the Internet, all business is now a personal activity – and even the big corporates are being forced to learn how to provide a personal touch, and be likeable, just like individuals. And, just like the rest of us, they are using social media and having to avoid anti-social media behaviours such as one-way broadcasting and corporate speak.


Why do you need it?

‘Know, like and trust’ has become a bit of a cliché, but it’s also a truism for all business today.

And one of the fastest and easiest ways of becoming known, liked, trusted, remembered and bought-into – what we call “The Big Five” is to promote the authentic you – and to do so in an intelligent, professional and attention-grabbing fashion.

What’s then important is to market your brand in a controlled, deliberate, timely and strategic manner. And that’s where the Unstoppable Blueprint comes in.

Here’s Stephen Bates again, talking about why showing your personality is important and about how to become known, liked and trusted through a clearly defined personal brand.


“Your Personal Brand helps You Build Relationships”

Your Blueprint will contain three fundamental elements

1                    It will clearly state the things about you that attract customers to your product

2                    It will clearly state the things about your product that distinguish it from alternatives

3                    It will clearly show where the value in you and your product lies in the eyes of your customer


How do we go about defining the key elements of your Blueprint?

The process of creating your own Blueprint requires research, creative thinking and a careful consideration of how you can implement your personal Blueprint effectively.

Your product cannot be considered in isolation from you as an individual, because what people think about you and your product will inform their decision to buy on pretty much every occasion.

If you want to capitalise on the principle of ‘people buy people’, then having a Blueprint to guide you at all times will become an invaluable part of your sales and marketing strategy.

You need to know how you come across, what to say and how to say it (especially on social media) in order to uphold your image, personality and brand values consistently.

Without a model to follow – and one that has been validated from different viewpoints – it becomes increasingly difficult to manage your reputation and credibility.


A culture of fame

We now live in a culture where fame is embraced, where even primary school children are seeing fame as a career option! And as dreadful a concept as this might appear, it opens up a wider range of opportunities to businesses to reach their target markets especially when business owners and leaders have personalities that can boost their popularity!

Look at Paphitis, Sugar and Bannatyne. These guys aren’t stupid. They are rich AND famous. They have embraced the benefits of a Personal Brand and how it can impact their sales and their profits.

This is the business culture we now live in, and whether you see it as distasteful or just opportunist, the fact remains that the businesses of Paphitis, Sugar and Bannatyne all benefit from their on-going celebrity.

Online too, it’s just the same. Maybe we’re not talking household names in quite the same way as on national television, but we are, sure as hell, talking about some individuals with online personas, reputations and substantial incomes built almost entirely on their ability to create a personal business brand that appeals and sticks.

And just like our Blueprint, their success is built on two elements: 1) Their own personality, and 2) The clever integration of themselves with their product. (Think about how Branson, the person, represents the brand values that are ‘Virgin’).


How could the Personal Branding Process work for you?

In order to arrive at your own Blueprint, you would have to do some soul-searching.

You will have to discover or confirm what your strengths are and how people view those strengths in you. What are the reasons that people currently buy from you or are they irrelevant?

You will have to ask some of your customers and colleagues how they see you.

And thirdly, you will have to make some enlightened decisions about how you want to be seen in your market place for the foreseeable future and how you intend to use this perception to your commercial advantage.

What have been the most important things that Stephen Bates has learned from working with QJ through the personal branding process?


Take a glimpse at how you might look in the eyes of your customers

Without committing to the entire Blueprint process, we’ve made the first part of the process available to you (provided you qualify) in the form of our online ‘Strengths Survey’, which will give you the core elements upon which your business personality is based and which can then be used to shape your Personal Brand.

And finally, QJ asked Stephen what difference the Blueprint would make …


Rachel talked about Kevin Rose, the dentist who has capitalised on his personal brand, increasing his turnover by 4000%!

Here’s his site if you want to take a look …