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Presentation Secrets – 6th June

“How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience … in 5 Quick, Easy Steps”

HoW 2 WoW!

HoW 2 WoW!

For most people who come on our 1 Day event, they want just two things:

1) To be more comfortable when they stand up and address a group!
2) To be able to deliver a powerful message with clarity that moves people to take action and do business with you!

Perhaps then, not surprisingly, that’s what we deliver – or you get your money back in full!

At this upgraded 1 Day Presentation Secrets Boot Camp, you will:

  1. Discover the 5 steps to an ‘effective’ presentation – the kind that will inspire people to take action and do more business with you!
  2. Find out how easy it is to use speaking and presentations as a major lead-generator for your business!
  3. Stop saying: “I love what I do, but I’m just not making any money!”
  4. Start saying: “I know how valuable my service is, and I’m no longer frightened to ask for what I’m really worth!”
  5. Find out how easy it is to position yourself as the expert in your niche, so that you Stand Out head and shoulders above the rest!
  6. Learn How to Create the Most Compelling Content for your presentation and structure it and Deliver it TO PERFECTION!
  7. shutterstock_109834544Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking in 60 minutes – or LESS! (As unbelievable as that might seem … )

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PLUS – NEW for 2014


I’ll be INCLUDING a mini-masterclass (20mins) in how to use your voice to engageentertain and entice your audience (unbelievably, I’ve never taught this – until now!)

How to create the perfect balance between educating, informing and entertaining your audience – the balance that will ensure you get the outcome you’re after!

Did you ever think, ‘it’s quite important that when I talk to people about my business, I need to get it right’?

When the moment is brief and the stakes are high …

Truth is we not only need to be really clear with people, we also need to be really quick, because no one is going to listen to a long, drawn out explanation of what you do, even though you probably think you need to educate them, to give them a ‘better understanding’ of your business. 

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Great Content

This event is all about getting ‘ABSOLUTE CLARITY’ in as few words as possible. This will empower you to clearly articulate the value you bring, and the difference you make for your ideal client – the one who has money and is waiting for you to come along.

Then, we teach you how to deliver that in a compellingconfident and convincing way: the way that gets you the business results you want.

This not about hard sell: this is about your authentic story

This New 1-Day Live Intensive Boot Camp will amaze even the most sceptical of business folk in just how easy it is to make an IMPACT and give INSTANT CLARITY to your AUDIENCE, once you stop selling and start serving instead!

The RockStar Approach will increase your visibility, grab attention and clearly articulate YOUR DIFFERENCE & THE DIFFERENCE YOU WANT TO MAKE.

Here’s how you can use Speaking to leverage more time and money into your business …

Beverley Vick gained clarity about her use of powerful language for KBA’s email marketing! “I would strongly advise you to come along to the course!”



BoB Testimonials on their own

Location: Maidstone, Kent, UK

Dates: Friday June 6th 2014

Times: 10am – 5.30pm

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Zero Risk Attendance at this event comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you attend the event and feel that it doesn’t deliver to your complete satisfaction, we will give you a prompt and courteous refund in full.