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Most Presentations Crash Before They’ve Taken Off!


Clock moneyPresentations Are a Waste of Time & Money: unless …

I just had a conversation with the presenter at yesterday’s event.

I asked them what their outcome was. “What was your expectation following the event?”

They said that they didn’t think that anyone would be interested just now, but they hoped that when somebody had a need, they would remember their presentation and come back to them.

I asked how they would ensure that people remembered them.

They said that they would LINK with them online.

I said that 48hrs had elapsed since their presentation and they hadn’t linked with me yet.

They said, “Oh, I know I haven’t got around to it yet”.

As I write this article, just 72hrs after the presentation, I can’t remember the person’s name, and I’ve even had a telephone conversation with them. Am I typical? I don’t know.

Now, I suspect that you can remember the scariest thing you ever did.

It could have been that scary theme park ride http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esQCCkZgngg, that scary bungy jump http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJ-slNvmFYA, or that scary parachute jump http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLF8A00eg3I … ?

Now for my money, I can’t understand why ANYONE would want to SCARE themselves HALF TO DEATH. But I have to accept – THEY DO!

So the question is:

“How can I use that KNOWLEDGE to help me create insanely great presentations?”

And the answer really is very simple:


The films that people like move them to TEARS; make them LAUGH OUT LOUD; give us A LUMP IN OUR THROAT, or BUTTERFLIES IN OUR STOMACH, etc.

But let’s come back down to what’s Appropriate for your Presentation.

I just entered a speaking competition and I didn’t win it. I didn’t even come second or third. And the reason I was given as to why was that the top three speakers all ‘MOVED THE AUDIENCE EMOTIONALLY’. Apparently, I didn’t. And that was a big mistake.

Now what’s appropriate in a speaking competition might not be the same as what’s appropriate in a business presentation, but there is one factor COMMON TO BOTH.

OUR MOST POWERFUL MEMORIES come from EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES, whoever you are, and whatever profession or business you’re in.

And the number one goal of a business presentation must be: TO BE REMEMBERED.

Otherwise, 24hrs or if not, 48hrs later, you and your presentation will have been FORGOTTEN – possibly for ever!

If you’ve seen me speak, you’ll know that I use VIDEO and AUDIO, I sometimes use PROPS and I definitely engage the audience in ‘CONVERSATION’.

And whilst I might not have won the speaking competition, MOST of the planning and effort that I put into a presentation focuses on one thing:


Make it a RockStar Presentation

Because I know that if people don’t remember me, they are never going to buy anything from me – END OF!

Have fun with your business.