Strategic Advice on Getting the Response you want on Twitter

Today, I’ve been asked for help from a Twitter user because, as they say, ‘I’m getting a regular increase in followers and making some good contacts. Have yet to get solid business though.’

I think this sums up what most people without a strategy or any real communication skills tend to suffer from.

This user then went on, ‘I try and tweet as often as I can and I try to include something interesting. But I don’t seem to have my tweets retweeted.’

Does this strike a chord with you?

If it does, then you need to ask yourself this question: ‘What is my goal? What do I actually want to achieve from my efforts on Twitter?’

You see most people will tell you, ‘You won’t get results immediately. You have to build up the trust, etc.’

Which is exactly what I used to hear in networking circles like BNI and 4N.

But frankly, all that indicates is a lack of understanding of a) human nature, and b) how to influence people in the way that you want.

It’s also an easy cop-out for when you don’t achieve! A deadly virus in this day and age I have to admit.

People want to be polite and not appear salesy, don’t they?

Well, my message to you is, ‘YOU CAN BE POLITE, NOT SALESY, AND STILL GET SALES’.

You just have to know what you’re doing.

Here’s how I responded to my enquirer:

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Hi Spencer (name has been changed to protect the innocent)

Let me make this easy. You’re in business, so you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Your goal is ‘Solid Business’

Your activity has been ‘I try to tweet as often as I can and I try to include something interesting. But I don’t seem to have my tweets retweeted.’


Question: What link is there between your activity and your goal?

Answer: None.


Now, I’m not saying, ‘Ask for the Business.’ or ‘Make a Solid Business offer.’ At least not yet, but I am saying you need to create a timeline of communication that takes your audience from one place, where they are now, to where you want them to be.


This may take time, will certainly take skill and cunning on your part, but will definitely produce a result, when you do it right.


So, next steps: Draw up your time line. Put about 10-20 steps in it describing the psychological state that you want your audience to be in as you take them with you on your mutually beneficial journey.

These steps will include:


They like me.

They trust me.

They think I’m qualified.

They think I’m interesting.

They see me as someone who can help them.


I classify all of the above as ‘Appetite-whetting’



They are wanting to ask me some questions (key moment of truth).

They see me as very helpful.

They think I might have something really valuable to give them.

They might think that paying me something for the value I’m offering is very reasonable.

They would like to benefit and start using something that I can give them.



As you can no doubt see already, this process is a gently leading the person to where you want them to be, while at the same time leading them to where they can see their life changing for the better.

If you can synchronise the timing with them, so that you both progress along the time line in the same psychological space, you will both end up really happy! You will exchange your knowledge for money.

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Each of these stages needs a certain kind of communication to be delivered by you and received by them. It could also mean you need at some point to talk individually to one person, but not necessarily.


So you will need to understand the ‘category’ of each of your communications: Question; Statement; Suggestion; Provocative thought; etc. and where you link (URL) the reader to.

But by testing these you will begin to see that you get a pattern of responses that becomes more and more reliable the more you do it.


Selling, or as you call it, getting Solid Business (I like that, BTW), requires a Solid Strategy and Process.

Have a go and let me know how you get on.