The Biggest Mistake if you Tweet for Business

I study people’s behaviours and language. Then I feed my findings back to you.

Putting Twitter Mistakes into a hierarchy is not difficult, but it takes time to sort through the mistakes that would have the biggest negative impact on your business. So, please bear with me if these aren’t necessarily in the right order.

Twitter Mistake #1

My reason for choosing this is because it’s the same as getting a ‘lead’ or a ‘buying signal’ and then ignoring it. Generating leads is something we all pay dearly for, so if we are using Twitter and someone indicates they might be interested in our product or service, or maybe even suggests they want to buy, the worst thing you can do is to miss that signal: right?

I’ve tested this principle many many times, and I’m astounded by my findings.

This is the test. Someone new follows you. You look at their profile which indicates they could help you and you send them a direct message to say as much. The Mistake they make is: THEY DON’T READ THEIR DIRECT MESSAGES, so they miss your interest. Or, WORSE STILL, they’ve set up another automated response to the fact you’ve DM’d them saying something that shows they completely ignored your communication.

I don’t know how you might feel about this, and we all have free will (as they say) but for me, I would never use this person simply because they haven’t even got enough intelligence to recognise what a hash they are making. It kind of indicates also that they are probably not very good in business too! At least not in the area of customer care.

So, I end today’s ‘lesson’ with this instruction:

ALWAYS READ YOUR DMs ON TWITTER. You won’t have thousands of them – at least not in the early days. And there are definitely people out there who will give you a DM buying signal from time to time.

Have fun with your business. And come back again. Or better still, subscribe to my Blog right now. Thanks. QJ.

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