Short Bio

QJ speaks about The RockStar Approach. He’s a showman and a huge fan of Other People’s Talent.

“Putting on a great show or a fantastic performance is what really turns me on.

I am a Talent Fanatic and celebrate human achievement. I am driven by passion for people and their achievements with an unfettered fascination for performance of all kinds. I am just as awed by Barnes Wallis and Einstein as by Hendrix and Usain Bolt.”

An entertaining, thought-provoking and quirky speaker, QJ is compelling and captivating. He talks about inspiration, inspirational people and their achievements.

A professional musician from the age of eight, QJ has worked with some of the biggest names in show business, first as a performer and then as a producer. He has encountered every imaginable level of talent from ‘totally awesome’ to ‘get that idiot out of here!’

As a professional speaker for the last sixteen years, QJ has stories to tell, opinions to give, thoughts to share and insights to inspire.

After working in the music business as a performer and producer, QJ launched a corporate communications consultancy and built a prestigious portfolio of blue-chip clients. The business was rewarding but as it became more successful it became a “desk job”. So in 1997, he founded a professional symphony orchestra, becoming its principle conductor and performing on three occasions with Nigel Kennedy.

QJ promotes his own company’s Inspirationist Events at which he is often the main speaker. He is also a regular presenter at business conferences, events and seminars.