“The Other Side of Speaking”

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As speakers, however we came to speaking, we ultimately want to be really good at engaging our audience.

This requires a lot of skill and understanding.

Speaking ‘technique’ has been taught and embraced for many years, but there is another area of speaking that has become as important in our understanding: psychology.

The advancements in neuroscience over the last decade or so have given us an in-depth insight into how the brain works and perhaps, more importantly, how our actions and reactions operate at a psychological level. This has enabled us to understand more clearly how what we say and what we do specifically impact on other people.

To the speaker, this is a revelation. We’ve never before been able to see what is going on at a neurological level when we ‘influence’ another person – our audience – by what we say and do.

QJ’s workshop won’t be including any deep discussions about how psychology has impacted on our ability to be better speakers, but will present practical examples of what’s going on inside our heads as we speak and as others listen or interact with us.

Be prepared for some thought-provoking realisations, and some insights into the things about you that ‘move’ people to like you, listen to you, like what you say, and ultimately to ‘buy into you’.