Business Ideas to Get You Started

“It’s always a daunting prospect to start a new business. And I say that as someone who’s done it five times before.” QJ, Entrepreneur.

QJ’s experience and RockStar Approach to getting your new business idea underway and set up to optimize its chances of success are both pragmatic and creative.

QJ has created, from scratch:

  1. A Communication Consultancy – that went on to attract and work with Blue Chip clients like American Express, Pizza Hut, Coutts Bank & BMW
  2. A Symphony Orchestra – that got QJ working with world-renowned virtuoso violinist, Nigel Kennedy
  3. A Record Label – where QJ ended up working with some of the top names in the business and promoting his roster of artists on radio and television

QJ shares his best and most successful techniques, ideas and strategies for Start-Ups in his engaging and motivating Talk – Business Ideas to Get You Started.