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How to Get Your Website Right

“Would you have a look at my website, please, QJ? I’ve just set it up and I’d like your feedback please.”

This was a conversation I had yesterday.

She is new to coaching, having worked in the corporate world for all of her preceding working life.

She has a great name, that really lends itself to giving her a strong niche position. But, hey ho, she’s decided not to go that route!

So she’s decided to target professional ladies who need coaching. You know, stressed-out, often corporates (now where have I heard that one before?), and no work/life balance.

I told her that that is a very busy market place and that I personally know a lot of coaches targeting that niche; but it’s a hard one to crack!

So then I looked at her site and got the shock of my life: NO PICTURE OF HER!

Please, please, if you are a coach, make sure that as soon as people make their first virtual connection with you, that you can be seen. They’ll never trust someone who hides. Why would they?

Also, it suggests that you’re lacking the one thing they need you to be: confident.

Many coachees are insecure, which is precisely why you need to at least look like you can support and help them move forward. And the first step is to look empathic and strong (not in a threatening way – obviously).

The second step is to show that you understand their problems and that you care.

But then you knew that already – didn’t you?

Especially for Coaches

This section of my Blog is especially for Coaches who want to progress their coaching career and business.

I will be posting regularly about the issues you face that I have solutions for.

Have an empathic day!