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How to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

“When I stand up, I’m not really sure what to say. I’m don’t know how to make it clear to people what I can offer.”

VAs DO have a problem: They can do lots of different things.

They can organise their clients. They can do Social Media for their clients. They can make phone calls or send emails for their clients. The list is almost endless!

And the other problem is: If I’m looking for a Virtual Assistant, THERE ARE TONS OF VAs out there now to choose from.

So my answer is, ‘Before you even start to think about what you’re going to say when you stand up to give your elevator pitch, decide what it is you want to specialise in.’

I think VAs are definitely in that class of business that needs to Niche: Capiche? (That means, do you understand, but it’s a bit more of a rhyme!)

So, how to do that?

Here’s the quick easy way. The longer way is probably what you should do diligently if you want to really get it right, but for now, start here:

Think of your favourite client. Ask yourself why they are your favourite.

It’ll be because they’re really nice – you like them, or they give you lots of work, or they pay you lots of money, or they’re easy and undemanding, etc. You get the drift.

It could also be because the thing you do for them is the one thing you are EXCEPTIONALLY good at and they really value that in you and wouldn’t want to buy it from anyone else.

Anyway, give it a bit of thought and then decide that that’s what you’ll offer or talk about for the next two weeks (excluding all of the other things you do) in your face to face marketing.

And pay attention to the reaction you get.

It’s unlikely that you’ll get it right first time, but at least if you systematically eliminate one thing at a time (like they do allergy testing) you’l end up knowing the ‘best’ think you do that people really want to buy from you and no-one else.

Niching IS VERY SCARY at first. I know because it still scares the hell out of me, but it really does pay off long term.

If feels like you can do all this stuff, so why limit what you offer? The answer is because EVERYONE offers all that same stuff as you, but only a few successful people will specialise and reap the rewards, both financial and in terms of fulfilment and work satisfaction.

Especially for Virtual Assistants

This section of my Blog is especially for VAs who want to progress their career or business as a Virtual Assistant.

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Have a supportive day!