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What can we do for YOU?

In a nutshell, we give you the confidence and the skills to go out there and create the reputation you want and deserve, whilst making great money in the process!

We teach you how to interact with people in a way that sells you and what you uniquely do in an utterly compelling fashion.

The skills you learn are: how to use language persuasively; how to entertain and engage; how to move people to action, by what you say and how you say it.

All of this comes as a ‘Walk You Through Step by Step’ package delivered at Live Events and Online too.

AND, once you’ve acquired this specific set of skills, you will know instantly – at all times – how to engage, say the right thing, win over, sell or simply make friends with whom you want both LIVE AND ONLINE.

Your website will become more magnetic, your personality more engaging, and your confidence will shoot through the roof.

I didn’t become an Inspirationist until I started working with kids!

It was back in 1997 that I decided I’d had enough of my ‘desk job’ and invited my then business partner, Chris Bailey, to dinner to proudly announce to him that I was going to leave the partnership and become a conductor.

Chris said that he wasn’t surprised. He knew me well: we had been in a band together as twenty-somethings, and had shared a riotous few rock and roll years together around Soho in London, recording a couple of albums and signed to an infamous producer and music biz entrepreneur, Adrian Millar (who, at the time, was in partnership with Andrew Loog Oldham, Manager and Producer of the Rolling Stones).

Chris knew that I was missing my music. And although our time together in the ‘business’ had been in rock music, my earlier roots lay in serious music, so the orchestra idea seemed to fit my arrival at a ‘certain age’.

Strangely though – and I didn’t realise this until later – the orchestral stage of my career turned out to be just a stepping stone to designing and delivering music and performing arts projects to kids in schools: mainly in deprived areas of Kent.

I had always loathed the idea of working with children: at the time, I couldn’t have imagined anything worse!

But now, I believe it was the making of me.

It all started because the orchestra was ‘supposed to have’ an outreach programme. As a registered charity, we were supposed to reach out to the wider community so that people other than the usual classical music fraternity would benefit in some way.

I hired in an amazingly talented sax player and workshop leader, Peter Cook, who at the time had been working in schools with kids on these sort of programmes for about 12 years. He was experienced and I didn’t need to be too heavily involved, which suited me just fine.

However, having sat in on a couple of Peter’s sessions at school, I had my ‘ah-ha’ moment when I realised that kids were really ‘the best audience ever’. That appealed to QJ, who has always been partial to a bit of performing, especially when the audience shows its appreciation without reserve.

I was hooked.

But when I looked more closely at exactly what Peter was achieving for those kids, he was so much more than the boring job title that, at the time, seemed to pervade the industry: Workshop Leader.

To my mind, Peter was an Inspirationist. He inspired the children to be much more than they ever imagined. They would perform and be dazzling. No one was left out. Even the most academically-challenged child could shine within our music projects. It was the most awesome revelation that – to this day – I have ever witnessed.

And so, I just had to emulate what Peter was doing.

I learned from him and to this day just love to run those projects in school.

We have a great team of musicians, actors and dancers now, of course, and I take a back seat most of the time, but it was the realisation that what we do for those children we could also do for ‘grown-ups’ that led me to what I do in the world of business today.

As grown-ups, we all still have many of those weaknesses and barriers to accomplishment that we had as children. Most people never grow out of it: they just learn strategies for coping, and so they don’t actually achieve what they are capable of as adults.

So my work today with businesses is informed greatly by the work that we have done with children for about the last twelve years.

And that’s why I call myself an Inspirationist.

It was all made clear to me by the comment of one small 10 year old when I was going around asking each of the kids what they had got out of the project we had been doing with them. He said to me, ‘QJ, I now know that with my imagination, I can do anything!’

For me, that was reward enough to know that I have made a difference to that child and I will continue to hold that child’s words as my own aspiration for anyone and everyone that I work with from now on.


Fast Forward to Today and the work we do with adults like you: where we help you to Sell Yourself and What You Uniquely Do


Just three things matter if you want to promote who you are and what you uniquely do:

Your Personality – are you fun and exciting, or serious and professional?

Your Character – are you trustworthy, honest, upright, decent, reliable, etc.

Your Reputation – what words are out of the street about you? What do people remember about you? Are you talked-about or ignored?

Everything we do is designed to help you sell yourself, what you do and who you really are. Whether you are looking to meet your soul mate, widen your social circle and make new friends, or gather more customers or clients for your business, the Inspirationist will hold your hand every step of the way UNTIL you get exactly what you want!

We work with people who want to feel totally comfortable in public, whether at a party or a presentation. We show small business owners and corporate CEOs how to create great videos to seduce and sell to their audience, whether that is made up of shareholders, staff, customers, or fans and followers.

If you want to grow your fanbase online, look no further. We help people to become a bit more famous, but in a way that they are proud of! Very cool!

Everything you tweet, every post on Facebook, every update on LinkedIn is influencing people and causing a reputation to spread. You can never not influence other people. They will think about you in a particular way based on what you say and how you say it, far more than on what you look like.

Make sure that your reputation is the one that you want

Call us today on 0800 840 6093 to chat about what you’d like some help with. It’s free and confidential.