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Why Choose QJ?


Eric Berne, the renowned psychologist, discovered the 3 things in our lives that we all need. Without these 3 things, ‘Our Spinal Cord shrivels up’, is how he put it.

Dramatic, you might think, but in actual fact, the facts have proven to be accurate.

He described these 3 things as ‘Hungers’ that must be satisfied in us.




QJ’s recommendations are motivating, his observations thought provoking. He makes you think, sit up and take notice. His 3 day Unstoppable Sales course changed my perceptions of the sales process and made me think about stuff I did naturally and how small changes in my attitudes to myself and others could radically change the outcome of the situation. The day after the course I put some of that into practice and won the work. No fuss, no bother, just ‘we want to work with you, when can you start’. RESULT!

by Kerry Richards

Testimonial from Ian James, The Business Growth Show and The Lead Generation Clubs in the south-east.

“QJ exudes enthusiasm and creativity, with warmth and true depth of character. He has a clear, incisive mind and a genuine interest in his fellow human beings which enables him to perceive and understand their needs and help them to achieve their goals. He is always professional and informative, with an amusing and entertaining style which keeps his listeners’ attention from start to finish.”

Thank you, Ian, for your very kind words! QJ.