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You’re Great ‘Live’ but …

find_stageYou know how most professional speakers are great ‘live’, but when it comes to ‘online’ they don’t even come close, they just scrape by?

Here are my Top Three Things that most Professional Speakers get wrong or do badly online …

Is your YouTube channel optimized?

Did you know that you can organize your videos into categories, give them titles which are search-friendly, and make your channel easier to find, like and comment on?

Is your LinkedIn profile using the right keywords in the right places?

Did you know that LinkedIn’s search facility is a) different from everyone else’s, and b) already optimized to support speakers looking to be hired?

Does your Twitter bio tell people why you’re on Twitter in the first place?

Did you know that the biggest challenge on Twitter is trust? When you’re honest – in as few words as possible – the danger of not being trusted is virtually eliminated?


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